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Customers Choice - designed for those innovative customers who want their product to appear unique. We offer a wide choice of variants for every single component. In case the customers can not find here what they want, modifications of a certain component are possible as well as the entire roulette wheel alterations, according to the customer’s specifications.

Although some of the components could be omited, all components are required for the proper operation of the device. Mounting our components on our components is included in the price as well as packaging.

How to compose a wheel of your own choice?

Please read this carefully!

Composing a wheel of your own choice consists of several steps, and each of these includes certain component options offered and highlighted in colours, and all you have to do is to choose the one you want. Please, feel free to skip the optional components. Items have to be selected successively.

After composing your roulette wheel components, you’ll have to choose one of the payment options offered and the amount of roulette wheels to be ordered. At the end, please fill in your contact information and click Send button. The FCO will be issued to your address within the next 48 hours.

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Compose a roulette wheel by choosing the components more suitable for your needs by:

  • design
  • manufacturing quality
  • price

1.) Mechanism: top
Type of surface protection of visible metal surfaces of the mechanism (compulsory choice):
    Nickel   Ionization Natural aluminium - without
surface protection
2.) Chambers top
Type of chambers (compulsory choice):
    Classic   Concave Grooved
Surface protection (compulsory choice):
Nickel Nickel Nickel
Ionization Ionization Ionization
3.) Hat (compulsory choice): top
3.1) High Class
    Walnut   Padauk
3.2) Brass
  Selection of surface protection:  
4.) Ballerina: top
Type of ballerina (compulsory choice):
    With handles Type A   With handles Type B Without handles Type A
Ballerina surface protection (compulsory choice):
Nikal Nikal Nikal
Ionization Ionization Ionization
5.) Wooden frame (optional): top
    Masive wood walnut   Masive wood Padauk  
6.) Ball (compulsory choice): top
7.) Stickers (optional): top
    Plastic folio   Plexiglass  
8.) Quality of visible metalic surfaces final treatment (compulsory choice): top
    N6 - fine turning and
    gnawing/rough grinding
   N5 - fine grinding N4 - polishing
9.) Payment options (significant price influence) top
- 50% advanced payment (with the order), 50% 5days prior delivery discount 8%
- 50% advanced payment (with the order), 50% 30days after delivery (with bank warranty or L/C) discount 6%
- 50% 5 days prior delivery, 50% 30 days after delivery (with bank warranty or L/C) discount 2%
- 100% 30 days after delivery (with bank warranty or L/C) discount 0%
10.) Quantity choice (significant price influence): top
Price levels:
1 pcs up to 20 pcs
up to 4 pcs up to 30 pcs
up to 10 pcs up to 40 pcs
up to 15 pcs from 40 pcs
Orderer details: top
REG/VAT number:  
Name and surname:  

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