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How to become a Distributor

We sell at production prices to the distributors as well.

A distributor defines, absolutely independently and by their free choice, the final retail price and the terms of purchase to the final buyer.

There is a possibility of granting exclusive rights of distribution to a particular distributor. Our terms for granting the exclusivity, which a distributor has to meet, are as follows:
  • To be able, in our opinion, to sell the greater amount of the products that we would be able to sell, according to our estimate, at the given market without granting the exclusive rights to that distributor.
  • The distrinutor must prove his abilities to offer top servicing and customers suport to the potential buyers.
  • An internal agreement is to be signed, defining modalities the distributor commits to advertise the product at his market:
    • fairs
    • specialised magazines
    • internet
  • The distributor must pledge to sell and advertise the product with our trade mark only.
    With the Letter of Intention an applicant for the licence is obliged to provide:
    • company description
    • short history
    • description of activities
    • annual sales data
    • number of employees (whereof, how many in maintenance)
    • structure of buyers
    • current methods of advertising
In some countries (depending on national laws) distributor has to obtain some certificates neccessary for unobstructed saels of the roulettes.

In this procedure, we stay at customer's disposal for the cases where some adaptation oh devices, specific to legal requirements of their state.

Production prices
  • Automated roulette "King", basic type: 21,000.00 EUR
  • bill acceptors (5 units), additionally : 2,500.00 EUR
Minimum quantities

Each of our distributors has to meet minimum quantities of ordered roluettes, as follows:
  • 5 devices during the first 6 months
  • total of 10 devices during the first year
  • altogether: 20 devices within two years
Minimum sale quantities make the major diference, from our point of view, between a small final user and the distributor, which, based on their status, obtains the product at the manufacturer's prices.

In such a manner we would like to avoid emerging of large numbers of small buyers, in order to dedicate our limited time, completely and with high quality of engagement, to the fewness of capable companies who's personnel will be continuously educated by our specialists in order to provide an ultimate customer's support and servicing to the final users.

Having in mind that this kind of engagement requires from our side an equivalent amount of time, regardless of quantity of the devices sold, and beacuse of the limited resources, we are not able to guarantee to the distributors who don't meet minimum ordered quantites that we would be capable of dedicating adequate time to them and to respond in due time in case of any problems, it is essential for a potential distributor to fully understand the importance of respecting demands of minimum ordered quantities before the beginnig of cooperation.

Delivery terms:
Up to 45 days after recieving the order and the entire sum payment.

Upon customer's request, we offer the most adequte transportation option, in our judgement, taking into consideration relation of transport nad the amount of purchased goods.

Modes of payment:
  • order confirmation payment - 50 % of the entire sum
  • before delivery payment - remaining 50 % of the entire sum
Servicing / Customer support / Warranty
The option of selling to distributors and large users does NOT imply provision of servicing and customers support by our company.

Our obligation in this option is to train customer's maintenance personnel for independent servicing of the devices purchased as well as sales of spare parts during at least 5 years after the purchase.

The training of customer's maintenance personnel takes place in Zagreb, Croatia.

Waranty period is 6 months. We take the responsibility to provide the customer with free spare parts, during this period.

  Automated Gaming Technologies, Gotovceva 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Tel/fax: 3851 4670 684, e-mail: info@zvonimir.biz

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