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Control electronics for automated roulette wheels
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This product is dedicated to control the operation of automated roulette wheels of our production. Control electronics regulates operation of three motors driving automated roulette wheel, coordinated with ball position reader system, which comes as a component in each standard type of the automated roulette wheel of aour production.

Control electronics may operate in:

1.) automated mode
In this case, control electronics, linked with the automated roulette wheel, works independently. This is "plug and play" configuration.

Operational parameter settings are standard:
  • main motor rotation speed as a random choice within preset limits is changed four times during one single spin
  • ball blow-out speed as a random choice within preset limits
  • lifting of central cap / releaseing the ball into start ramp after winning number read-out
Preset parameters can easily be changed by means of a PC. In this mode, control electronics doesn't receive commands from the main computer, but it sends to the computer data concerning operation of the device.

2.) semi-automated mode In this case, based on the commands from the main computer, control electronics regulates operation of the three automated roulette motors. Also, control electronics relays to the PC data about executed commands and also ball position and winning number data.

Some details

Communication between control electronics and the outer system (PC) is performed via serial RS232 port.

Control electronics may operate in: automated or semi-automated mode.

In automated mode the play is conducted through the outer system (PC), which sends commands to the control electronics in a certain format, in certain order and periods of time. Control electronics recieves and executes the command.

E.g. outer system gives the order to start the game by sending to the control electronics sentence: BR|KGO| number in miliseconds|CRC|ST.

BR|KGO - command
number in miliseconds - defines how long in miliseconds blower motor is engaged
CRC - control number which serves for the verification of command sentence
ST - designation for the end of a command sentence

After the command has been received, control electronics returns the information by sentence: BR|KGO|x|CRC|ST.

BR|KGO - command
x - 0 means: command executed; 1 means: command not performed
CRC - control number which serves for the verification of command sentence
ST - designation for the end of a command sentence

In semi-automated mode the play is conducted via control electronics. After the start of system operation in semi-automated mode, it is necessary to send, from the outer system (PC) to the control electronics, limits of parameteres influencing a cycle of the game (ball speed limitations, pauses duration, wheel rotation speeds etc.) . After that, the control electronics independetly conducts a game cycle and sends to the outer system, via serial port, sentences with current reports concerning executed commands, current development of the game cycle and the winning number.

E.g. here's a sample of one cycle of messages which are sent tothe outer system:

BR|CFB| - the ball is awaited at the starting position
BR|RDL| - pause before another cycle
BR|WSC|30| - rotate wheel at 30 rpm
BR|BSC|4000| - blow the ball with the blower turned on for 4000 miliseconds
BR|RDL| - pause before wheel decelaration
BR|WWC|25| - rotate wheel at 25 rpm
BR|JOC|15| - rotate wheel at 15 rpm
BR|WIN|13| - winning number is 13
BR|WIN|13| - winning number is 13
BR|WIN|13| - winning number is 13
BR|WDL| - pause to observe the winning number.

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