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Production line HighClass | price list |

Highclass is the production line consisting of two models of automated roulette wheels constantly produced for our regular customers as well as for the stock.

Roulette wheel consists of the following components:
    1. metalic casing
    2. ball position reader system
    3. hat lifter system with a motor
    4. ball blower system with a motor
    5. mechanism with a motor
    6. wooden parts (base plate, frame and hat)
    7. glass dome
    8. ball
This product quality overwhelmes even most demanding customers expectations:
  • massive mechanism made with utmost precision
  • high quality frame made of massive wood
  • chambers done with tolerance of ±0.025 mm
  • very simple and reliable ball position reader system
  • metal surfaces finishing quality is at N4 grade (machine polished)
  • all metal surfaces are galvanized according to the customer's wishes (nickel or gold)
  • wheel is balanced in 5 grams tolerance
  • components bearing more significant mechanical loads were made of high-quality steels
  • communication with the ball position reader system
    • The outer system (PC) recieves data from the reader system via RS232 port. Communication is single-sided, i.e. the outer system (PC) listenes to the messages from winning number reader system.
    • For example, reader system sends a sentence as:
      BR|CFB|, a command which says to the outer system that the ball is avwaited at the starting position.
    • BR|CFB - command
      ST - designation for tha end of a commanding sentence
    • For example, the reader system sends sentence BR|WIN|x| in order to send the data about the winning number. (information is sent three times)
    • BR|CFB - command
      x - winning number
Production line HighClass is divided in two groups:
electronic roulette wheels
electronic roulette wheels
electronic roulette wheels
electronic roulette wheels
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Models of automated roulette wheels of the production line HighClass

There are four conceptually same models of automated roulette wheels HighClass, which differ only by their design.

The bestseller of classic design.

HighClass Classic Gold                HighClass Classic Nickel  
HighClass Classic Gold HighClass Classic Nickel

This most expensive design distinguished by its features from any standard is aimed for the most demanding customers wanting the prestige itself.

HighClass Prestige Gold             HighClass Prestige Nickel   
HighClass Prestige GoldHighClass Prestige Nickel

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