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Small Users

Sales, servicing

We sell the product directly to the final buyers.

Customers are offered servicing and customer support:
  • free during 6 months of warranty period
  • payable after the expiry of waranty period
Delivery terms:
Up to 45 days after recieving the order and the entire sum payment.

Upon customer's request, we offer the most adequte transportation option, in our judgement, taking into consideration relation of transport nad the amount of purchased goods.

Modes of payment:
  • order confirmation payment - 50 % of the entire sum
  • before delivery payment - remaining 50 % of the entire sum
  • basic version : 21,000.00 EUR
  • bill acceptors addendum 2,500.00 EUR
Large buyers and distributors (production prices sales)

  Automated Gaming Technologies, Gotovceva 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Tel/fax: 3851 4670 684, e-mail: info@zvonimir.biz

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