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Our production mills are located in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where taxes are the lowest in the region, and we have available quality and cheap work force, while the logistics and development are located in Zagreb, Croatia – our team of experts in machine engeneering, electronics and informatization.

Our production is based on the latest technologies with CNC machines, with the production folow up and control of costs at the highest level.

Mass production for over 40 of regular customers, producers of automated roulettes, gives us a great advantage in front of our competitors. In order to raise the productivity, we apply manufacturing technologies which can not be profitable at the smaller series.

A part of the production is aimed for our stock, which significantly reduces time of manufacture since the date of order, and some times it is possible to obtain a requested product immediately.

Our products are momentarily the most complete at the market, and all the factors mentioned above along with the aim of profit realization in continuance, and at the large quantities, allows us to shamelessly lower the prices compared to any of our competitors.

Along with our product, an electronic roulettes manufacturer obtains a high quality solution of the most demanding part of the electronic roulette, so they can direct the majority of their resources to the sales itself, thus realizing significant profits.

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  Automated Gaming Technologies, Gotovceva 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Tel/fax: 3851 4670 684, e-mail: info@zvonimir.biz

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