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Following 3 years of an intensive development focused on the product quality improvement in all segments, we are proud of our achievements. In this context, we bring you some features which raise the quality of our products high above the competition:
  • high quality frame made of massive wood, for which we haven't recieved a single reclamation yet.
  • finalizing quality always for one class above the competitition
  • high quality steels used for parts with high mechanical loads
  • preciseness of chambers with tolerances of only ±0.025 mm
  • all metal surfaces are galvanized
  • the mechanism with the irreproachable functionality
  • wheel is balanced in 5 grams tolerance
  • ball reader system, unique by its design, with the faultless operation
The utmost attention is continuosly given to each and every detail, and the final control of a product is all-in and rigorous one.

Our engineers work intensively, on a daily basis, on the further development in order to keep the pace and to allow the customer to get in time even better quality at the same or even lower price levels.

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  Automated Gaming Technologies, Gotovceva 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Tel/fax: 3851 4670 684, e-mail: info@zvonimir.biz

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